Construction - Sonrise Church 2018

Sonrise Church
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Ministry Annex

The new building is slated for use in the summer of 2018. It is an answer to prayer. The plans are to use it for ministry projects for the church and as an outreach to the community. With expanded ministry including more Sunday School Space, a community meeting room, rental space for non-prophet organizations, family events including: Bingo, game nights, movies, and fellowship meals.
After 30 Years Use
Portable Before Demolished

The old portable had served the church well but was no longer safe to use even for storage
Enviromental Impact Had to be considered
Removal was Expensive
It became quite a mess as they tore it apart to be taken away to the dump. The cost including fees and dump cost was almost $15,000.00.
It Always Rains in Olympia
Finally it Arrived
After fees, forms, meetings, more fees and forms we received the approval to move the new building on to our site. Of course it started to rain that very week after a beautiful summer.
Triple the Space
Ministry Annex In Place
The building with the new ramps is set up and ready to be remodled inside. The cost to buy the building, fees, removal of the old and set-up of the new cost $75,000.00.
David Laying new flooring
Paul Working on Flooring
Sonrise Church is a healthy Christian Church with strong Biblical roots. Sonrise welcomes visitors and from the moment you arrive you will discover the warmth and openness of this fellowship. Click on the FIRST TIME HERE button to discover what to expect. Stop by any Sunday at 10:35 a.m. and discover for yourself the experience which is Sonrise Church.
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